About Us:

Proshift Ltd
A partnership company in the 70s’, Industrial Automotive Services(IAS) in Takanini, instilled the concept of Proshift. One of the partners, Warwick Wright, a fully Qualified Diesel Mechanic has been heading Proshift Ltd since then.

We acquired a Ford tractor unit and low-bed trailer off the Ceramics Group-Alderson Storage, who then had the biggest group of hired Forklifts.

Being opposite Lees Industries was a plus and soon IAS was doing all their work and the forklift shifts got more difficult requiring innovative development in trailer design.

Warwick remembers having to shift on over height load with only 30m/m of ground clearance for Cable Price to Thorn Lighting in Avondale, having to use bits of wood and a strong winch to get it on.

We are the only specialised forklift transportation company in New Zealand

There have also been instances in the 70‘s of back to back deliveries of the forklifts from the wharf to the Kiwifruit country, Tauranga.

Proshift got its name as a result of the shortening of the original company name, being the first specialised Forklift Company in New Zealand. Since the time we started, we have maintained high standards- keeping up with the current technology and developing equipment that can handle all types of materials such as forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers etc. we also transport various types of earth moving equipment.

Apart from the above, we also move sweepers, trenchers, boring units, specialized airport handling equipments and have low-trailers to carry small wheels such as ‘man up’ and ‘high mast reach trucks’, ‘order pickers’ and more.