Service Details:

Proshift Ltd

Our Services:

We have a fleet of eight trucks all unique in design. Each truck has been built for a specialised purpose. All have a winch to aid in the recovery of “dead” units. Double fold tailgates on the vehicles allow for a 5 degree approach angle that enables easy loading.

Other Services:

We transport a wide variety of items.

We transport all types of machines. The benefits you can experience from us are safety, punctuality and recovery of your units when its dead. Our “on time” reliable services enables our company to provide McEntee Hire Services(and others) a back up service for their fleet of trucks thereby ensuring that they provide complete customer satisfaction.

We have been in the business for over twenty years. We have provided varied services to our customers from transporting bales of hay to moving sheds etc.We conduct all our business in a very professional manner.