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Sleep tips to help you adjust

Daylight savings is an exciting time of the year, it means warm weather and more time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of New Zealand. Unfortunately the downside is the loss of one hour sleeping time which can have a major impact on our working day.

Road fatigue can be fatal and we are diligent in ensuring we have safe practices in place to eliminate the risk of driving tired.

Our top 3 sleep tips to ease the transition


1 - 2 weeks prior to daylight savings make a conscious decision to go to bed 15 minutes earlier in the evening and rise 15 minutes earlier in the morning, this will assist in preparing your body clock for the change.


Aim for the same sleep time and wake time every day, including weekends.
Your body will adjust it’s internal clock and prompt sleepiness in the evening and alertness in the morning.


Having a peaceful environment will trigger your internal clock to prepare for sleep.
Your sleep quality will be enhanced and you will be induced to a peaceful state of mind.

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